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Highly rated house washing service in the Wellington region. Specialists in residential and commercial building hydro pressure washing.

Hot Water, It Really Makes A Difference!

Hot water pressure washing is a game-changer when it comes to cleaning various surfaces efficiently and effectively. Unlike cold water, hot water power washing harnesses the benefits of heat to quicken the cleaning procedure, requiring fewer harsh chemicals, lower pressure, and shorter cleaning times.

House Washing

Your home’s exterior is constantly exposed to the elements, allowing dirt, dust, grime, pollen, and pollution to accumulate. With our specialised low-pressure hot water house washing treatment, we can help extend the life of your home. This method is safe for all types of cladding and exterior finishes and removes dirt, grime, and other contaminants effectively.

Commercial Washing

First impressions are important, and a clean and well-maintained commercial building is critical for making a good first impression on customers and clients. We can provide one-time cleaning or tailor a regular building wash service for schools, shops and a variety of commercial buildings.

Roof Cleaning

One of the most important aspects of your home is the roof, but it is also one of the most neglected. We are trained and certified to work at heights and have the experience and expertise to safely and effectively clean your roof using a variety of methods.

Deck Cleaning

Your deck is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but it can become dirty and stained over time. Depending on the type of decking material and the severity of the buildup, we use a variety of methods to help restore your deck to its former beauty.

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete driveways and paths can become dirty and stained over time, giving your property an unkempt appearance. Depending on the severity of the buildup, we can clean concrete paths and driveways using a variety of methods such as pressure washing, soft washing, and manual scrubbing.

Gutter Clearing

Gutters are critical in protecting your home from water damage. However, they can quickly become clogged with leaves, debris, and other materials, resulting in leaks, water damage, and mould growth. We are certified and equipped to work at heights.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows improve your mood and make your home or business more welcoming. We provide comprehensive window cleaning services for both inside and outside windows. To remove dirt, grime, and stains from your windows, we use a combination of squeegees, brushes, and cleaning solutions.

Presale Tidy-ups

A clean and well-kept exterior is crucial for attracting potential buyers and maximising your home’s sale price. A pre-sale tidy-up is an excellent way to showcase your home in its best light for prospective buyers.

Warranty Guard

Don’t Void Your Warranty! Safeguard your new build, new roof, solar panels, or fresh paint job with regular professional washing. Keep your warranty valid with our Warranty Guard Washing Program.